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The Steam Summer Sale is live! Here are your day one deals

Summer Sale

The miracle that is the Steam Summer Sale has arrived. And as expected, the Steam Store is experiencing "some heavy load" right. So in case you can't see the current day one deals here they are:

Day 1 Daily Deals

  • Far Cry 3 - $7.50
  • Witcher 2 - $3.99
  • Divinity: Original Sin - $31.99
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown: $8.49
  • Democracy 3 - $8.49
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - $7.99
  • Dead Rising 3 (Pre-purchase) - $37.49
  • Don't Starve - $3.74
  • DayZ - $25.49

Just for fun, here are the Flash Sales which change every eight hours: Dead Island Riptide, DMC Devil May Cry, Hotline Miami, and Mirrors Edge.

What do you think of the day one offerings?

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