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The Soundtrack for Runner 2 Is Almost Complete


If you've been following the Bit.Trip series, chances are you're super stoked about Runner 2. The follow-up to Bit.Trip Runner looks to provide an experience that's both memorable and impressive. While Gaijin has stated that some things will feel fresh, this looks to be a proper sequel to arguably the most popular Bit.Trip game developed.

The devs recently revealed some news regarding the game's music. According to Destructoid, the soundtrack for Runner 2 is nearly complete. That means what is likely to be an awesome collection of themes is almost finished.

It seems the music won't sound too old school, but it will still carry the grand vibe of the original games'. That's great news, and I think it's fitting for sequel. A little change is a good thing, after all, and if anyone can pull off a new type of sound design for its franchise, it's the folks over at Gaijin.

I really can't wait to see what Runner 2 looks and sounds like when it launches. Gaijin, take your time. It's going to be well worth the wait when Runner 2 launches.

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