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The Sims 4 releases its Dogs and Cats expansion on PC

Design your ideal pet.

At long last, The Sims 4 has finally brought feline and canine creation into the fold with their Dogs & Cats expansion. In a recent press release sent out by EA, the company announced that Dogs & Cats is available now to all PC and Mac players, though it doesn't seem as though it will make its way to the incoming console version of the game.

The new Create-A-Pet tool allows greater customization power than ever before, enabling players to mix and match breeds and design custom coats be either using the game's pre-rendered patterns or by directly painting on the animal using spots, stripes, and other little details. Players can further accessorize by adding outfits and accessories if they're the type that likes to make their pets miserable (kidding...not really).

In-game, pets can form unique relationships with their owners as well as train and play games with them. As the game rolls along, you'll be able to see your pet's personality come out in very expressive ways, but they'll still behave like you'd expect dogs and cats to do, so make sure they learn not to pee on the carpet. The human Sims now also can now pursue veterinary careers by opening their own clinic to become the most prominent vet in town.

In other The Sims 4 news, the game is now available to try out on EA Access, so if you're on the fence about picking it up, you've ten hours worth of trial time to make up your mind. The console version won't launch with the Dogs & Cats Expansion, but it will come with the City Living Expansion, Vampires Game Pack, and the Vintage Glamour and Perfect Patio Stuff Packs. EA says they will bring additional DLC to the console version post launch, but isn't talking about what that is quite yet.

The Sims 4 releases on PS4 and Xbox One on November 17th, 2017.

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