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The Sims 4 built to run on lower end PCs


It's no secret that lower end PC struggled to run The Sims 3. Heck, even my mid-tier PC had difficulty, with the game's RAM issues often leading to crashes. Hopefully, that will all be fixed with The Sims 4, which Maxis has said will run better on lower end machines.

"We're really excited to say that players on lower end machines are going to have a much better experience on The Sims 4 than they did with The Sims 3," producer Ryan Vaughn told Digital Spy.

"We know that our players have a wide range of different PC specs," he added. "We want to make sure that somebody playing on a lower end machine has just as great an experience as somebody on a higher end machine.

"Right now we're doing a lot of work to optimize the game's performance, cut down on loading screens, and make sure everything still looks as beautiful, the Sims feel as vibrant, and that your gameplay is just as much fun regardless of what spec you're playing on."

Tech specs aside, The Sims 4 looks to take emotion and creativity to the next level. EA is emphasizing Smart Sim, the power to create and control "a new generation of Sims." Sims have evolved emotionally, and are now intelligent, emotional beings whose actions are affected by emotional states such as being happy, sad, flirty, or even depressed.

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