The Simpsons Arcade Game Headed to Consoles?

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The Simpsons Arcade Game will forever go down in history as one of my favorite games, my favorite beat 'em up, and my favorite arcade game. My dream was to one day own an arcade cabinet of The Simpsons Arcade Game, but I imagined it would be a distant dream because those damn things are mighty expensive. It looks like I may not have to shell out a couple thousand bucks for the game any longer.

The Australian Classification Database has rated The Simpsons Arcade Game for consoles. This means we're likely to get the game on home platforms somewhere down the road. Konami is listed as the applicant, which means we're talking about the real Simpsons arcade beat 'em up, not that iPhone game.

This should come as great news to anyone who loved The Simpsons Arcade Game. I spent countless quarters playing that game as a kid, so I'm super stoked to learn that it has a chance of landing on consoles. I even played it recently, and it's still loads of fun.

The Simpsons Arcade Game will probably land on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Stay tuned for more details. Looks like I may not have to invest thousands of dollars on an arcade cabinet. Also, I'll be saving a ton of quarters!

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