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The Sibyl Sister of Earth, Paula, enters the Brave Frontier vortex


If you’re going to be riding dirty, you might as well come into town on a giant flower. This is at least Paula’s style in Brave Frontier. The third of the Sibyl sisters is the earth type that would like to share Gaia’s Voice with you. Just because she is the youngest of the sisters doesn’t mean you should underestimate her. Despite her pure intentions, she’s begun becoming weary of humans and is learning what it means to make sacrifices.

Paula’s leader skill grants her 25% attack power to earth and dark troops. This makes her great for a duel-color team. Her brave burst, Land of Green, does a 6-hit combo and can cause curse effect on foes.

Currently this Sibyl Sister is available in the vortex and will be until June 7th at 19:00 PST. Her level 3 dungeon costs 25 stamina and her level 4 costs 30 stamina. Best of luck capturing her and having her join your ranks! Time is ticking on her older sister Eliza.

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