The Sibyl Sister Madia returns once more to Brave Frontier

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It’s true, some of the Sibyl Sisters aren’t exactly on the side of humans in Brave Frontier. They may have been once a long time ago, but the way of humans is often enough to change the way the world is seen. Madia is constantly battling with her demonic powers. What price is too much? How much human blood must you be covered in? Do you best to stop her from the land of Gaia.

What better way to stop her than to capture her? The Sibyl Sister Madia’s dungeon is currently available in the vortex until July 8th at 19:00 PST. Her leader ability is 30% Atk power to Dark, Water, and Earth types. Madia’s Brave burst, properly named Extinction, is a ten hit combo which does Water, Earth, and Dark damage.

Do you have what it takes to stop and capture her?

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