The Sibyl Sister Freya returns to Brave Frontier

Brave Frontier Screenshot - 1166476

Did you miss out on capturing Freya her first time around in Brave Frontier? Fret not noble summoner, the Sibyl sister is back for 48 hours and wants nothing more than for you to capture her to help fight against the gods. Currently in the vortex dungeon “Affectionate Flames” is open and waiting for your conquring. If you didn’t beat the level 4 floor before, do so and receive a gem.

Freya is a fire unit with a 5 star leader ability that grants 50% attack power to fire and light units. Her brave burst is a 10 hit combo which does fire and light damage to all enemies with a chance to cause the weak effect. They say you don’t always get a second chance, well here you go. 

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