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The Replacers return to boyfriend duty in Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC trailer

In a nifty, hilarious piece of advertising for the Black Ops 2: Revolution DLC, we were introduced to the Replacer. The Replacer is someone that stands in for you as you become addicted to the Revolution DLC and let your responsibilities go. He'll stand in for you at work, blind dates, time with your wife -- whatever you would normally do. You just headshot players and kill zombies, and he'll handle the rest.

For the Black Ops 2: Uprising DLC, The Replacer returns, but this time with some help. Comedian J.B. Smoove -- best known for his work on Curb Your Enthusiasm as Leon -- joins the team, as The Replacers double-team your daily activities. Whether they're defending a criminal in a court of law, handling the activities at the sandwich shop you work at, or fixing the cable in a porno-like scenario, they got you covered. You just enjoy the new four new multiplayer maps -- Magma, Vertigo, Encore and Studio -- and the zombie mode "Mob of the Dead," which takes place in Alcatraz, and they'll do the mundane in your life. No more of the b.s. waiting outside a fitting room, holding your girlfriend's purse.

Pick a sammich.

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