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The Red Bull Battle Grounds has begun. Watch 128 StarCraft II hopefuls duke it out in Atlanta


This weekend, Atlanta plays host to the Red Bull Battle Grounds. The event, which is already underway, will run through Sunday, July 13, so you've got quite a few days of StarCraft II eSports action.

Throughout the weekend thousands of fans will gather at the Atlanta Center Stage Theatre and, joined by thousands more streaming at home, will watch 128 hopeful challengers compete for a single spot in the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals, taking place in Washington D.C. this September.

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What makes this weekend's event unique is that the tournament was open registration for the first time ever. Previously, the tournaments only featured competition between invited professional StarCraft II players and players that qualified through online tournaments. Now 128 hopefuls will compete for cash prizes, World Championship Series (WCS) points, and a chance for that highly coveted slot in the 8-man lineup for the Red Bull Battle Grounds Grand Finals.

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