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The Recap - 10/15/12

Halo 4 leaked!

Some people are just too impatient. On Friday, this image made its way around the web, originating on Reddit and NeoGAF. Showing what was confirmed by the publisher, to be 2 discs from Halo 4, one containing the full game, and the other containing the install files, much like we've seen with Battlefield 3 or Forza 4.

Mass Effect 3 DLC OMEGA

New downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 launches on November 27, according to a video interview by an Examiner writer.

The footage was recorded at New York Comic-Con, where EA BioWare is currently showing off new concept art for the DLC, called Omega (here's a tweet by community manager Jessica Merizan).

Collection of Devil may cry news!

Capcom hints DLC that wont be on disk

Capcom didn't come out and say DmC Devil May Cry will have downloadable content following its launch, but they didn't exactly rule it out either. However, given Capcom's track record and the amount of games that are supported with DLC post-launch, you can probably assume we'll get some sort of content.

King of Demons annouced

During the New York Comic Con, Capcom revealed the new demon king in DmC Devil May Cry: Mundus. 

"Mundas controls the human world through debt and manipulation," explained Ninja Theory's Dominic Matthews. "Anyone or anything that's in a position of power is in control by Mundas. Naturally, as the demon king, Dante, the demon killer, is his public enemy number one."

Interview with two of the producers

During last weekend's New York Comic Con, we had a chance to sit down with two of Capcom's Producers and talk to them about DmC: Devil May Cry, the new reimagined Devil May Cry game developed by Ninja Theory.

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