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The Recap - 08/09/13 'Saints Row IV for a million bucks and Pokemon go Mega'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games.

This Saints Row 4 special edition costs a cool $1 million

There's been plenty of Saints Row 4 special editions announced leading up to the game's launch this month, but today Deep Silver announced avery special edition. The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Editionaka The Million Dollar Pack -- a new bundle that carries a hefty price tag of, you guessed it, one million dollars. That's right: $1,000,000 for a video game (well, and a bunch of other cool sh*t).

Mega Evolution looks to 'revolutionze battles' in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y

A series as old as Pokémoncan use a little revitalization. Now I'm not saying scrap the entire gameplay and start from scratch, but give it a little boost. That's exactly what The Pokémon Company is doing with its upcoming gamesPokémon X and Pokémon Y.

The stunning conclusion of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified's live-action series

Today's video, titled "The Aftermath," shows Cole's fate, while Agent Carter and his team deal with the tragic results of the incident in Pima. For the first time, we're also given a clear look at the live-action representation of The Bureaus's signature Outsider aliens, the Zujari. And be sure to keep an eye out for the horrifying effects of the alien's Sleepwalker virus (hint: it could be the clown from a previous episode.)

Defiance developer Trion Worlds shutters San Diego studio

"The day to day operations ofDefiance will be moved to our Redwood City studio where it can be managed alongside Riftand our other in-development titles including ArcheAge andEnd of Nations," the company said in a statement. "As part of this transition, we are working hard to ensure that a number of great people will be making the move from San Diego to the Bay Area and continue their work at Trion."

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