The Recap - 08/02/13 'SOE unveils EverQuest Next and Saints Row 4 now welcome in Australia'

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SOE prepares to reveal EverQuest Next; watch the livestream here

Today, August 2, 2013 at 3pm EST/12pm PDT, SOE will reveal EverQuest Next -- the fourth installment in theEverQuest franchise. SOE president John Smedley has called it an MMO the world "has never seen before." In EQN, players will have "unprecedented control over the world of Norrath."

Whore of the Orient gameplay leaked, looks similar to LA Noire

Gameplay footage from Whore of the Orient has been leaked, revealing the game's core mechanics in the open-world, Eastern setting. Maybe not-so-surprising, it looks like it plays very similar to LA Noire -- which shouldn't come as a shock given that the game comes from Brendan McNamara, the creator of LA Noire, and many of the remaining Team Bondi staff.

After weeks of back and forth,Saints Row 4 has finally been approved for release in Australia. The newly modified version is classified MA15+ by the Australian Classification Board. So what was the hold up? Apparently, a single mission had to be removed in order to comply with Australia's classification guidelines. The mission, which has been described as an "optional side" task, contained the use of a substance Volition referred to as "alien narcotics" which improved certain superpowers temporarily within the game.

Watch Dogs had an impressive E3 this year, having received over 90 awards and nominations from various media outlets. To celebrate, Ubisoft has unleashed a brand new “Honored” trailer that notes several of the accolades they earned this past June in Los Angeles. Interestingly enough, the trailer also gives us a glimpse of character Clara Lillie outside of screenshots.

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