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The Recap - 07/01/13 'Horse Armor for Minecraft & CoD: Ghosts attempts to lure pre-orders'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games.

Call of Duty: Ghosts pre-order includes 'Free Fall' dynamic map as bonus

Activision is tempting gamers with a free multiplayer map as an incentive to pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts. By simply pre-ordering the game prior to its November 5th launch, you'll receive the Free Fall bonus map, which features the "new dynamic map event mechanic."

Microsoft exec clarifies Xbox One/PS4 'meaningless' specs comment

Microsoft's Albert Penello, the Xbox product planning boss, has clarified comments he made last week in which he called the hardware comparison between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 "meaningless" in some ways. In response to criticism he faced as a result of his words, in which he also claimed the Xbox One

The Secret World teaser features murderous dolls and children singing, I’m out

When I think Transylvania I think of Dracula and other vampire-esque happenings. Well in The Secret World’s newest update, Issue 7: A Dream to Kill, this horror-themed region will be neck deep in murderous dolls. We’re talking snowmobile chases, flamethrowers, werewolves, and tons of exciting terrifying things.

Minecraft 1.6 'Horse Update' released, change-log detailed

Minecraft's 1.6 update, dubbed the "Horse Update," is now officially available for download in the new launcher. Mojang released an early version of this update last week, detailingmany of the big features.

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