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The Recap - 06/12/13 'E3 News Recap special [part 2]'

Welcome to another Recap episode where we go over the day's biggest headlines, making sure that you're caught up in all things video games.

Today's News Recap is a little different then normal because of the sweet news coming from E3! Therefore I've created the perfect run-down for the hottest titles and crazy console war news!!

Sony talks about the PS4's online fee

During Sony's E3 press conference there were a lot of statements made. No DRM, no forced online, no this and no that - what they were saying was that they were listening to what consumers wanted. This part of the conference was drawn out and lasted quite a while (nothing wrong with that).

It looks like the PlayStation 4 will be around for a long time

In an interview with CVG Shuhei Yoshida, the man that manages several of Sony's game studios, said that the PS4 has "room for growth in both game content and system features." The ability for growth in the PS4 comes from the fact that it has 8GB and no launch title will need that much.

Xbox One policies may change in the future, not now

When the Xbox One was first announced gamers were delighted to witness the birth of the next generation of gaming. When details on the Xbox One's policies on used games surfaced, for some the delight that they had felt quickly turned into something darker.

Xbox One achievement and challenge system detailed

The Xbox One isn't going to do things the same way that the Xbox 360 did. Well, some things are staying the same, but not everything!

Two Oddworld games coming to PS4, Wii U, mobile, and more

Oddworld Inhabitants has announced a list of upcoming platforms for both Oddworld: New N' Tasty! and the pre-existing Stranger's Wrath HD

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