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The reason behind Resident Evil 7's nice teeth

There's no secret reason.

The reason behind Resident Evil 7's nice teeth

Since Resident Evil 7 shipped a ton of copies to stores, there's a high chance that you spent some time playing the game or have at least seen a trailer for it. With that being said, there's probably something you noticed - besides the general creepiness and jump scares... the incredibly nice teeth.

We never knew why their teeth were so nice - maybe it was just part of being infected. Luckily, we have Kotaku here to ask those questions... Which they did in an email interview with the Resident Evil series producer Masachika Kawata.

Unfortunately, there was no secret motive behind the nice teeth.

Kotaku: One thing we noticed playing the game is that everyone has very good teeth. Do the Bakers brush and floss?

Masachika Kawata: We used a method called photogrammetry which involves 3D scan technology and real models to create a photorealistic effect to the graphics. In the case of the characters, I guess we can thank the actors we utilized for having great teeth!

There you have it. They characters in Resident Evil 7 have nice teeth because the actors did.

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