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The PS4 honeymoon is over in Japan; sales drop to 65K units in week two


Following an impressive debut in Japan last, the PlayStation 4's sales have dropped significantly in its second week of availability. Media Create has posted its latest figures for the week, revealing just 65,685 PS4 consoles were sold during the period spanning February 24 through March 2. Famitsu reports just 52,697 PS4's have been sold in the same period.

It's a far drop from the 309,000 sold at launch, but on the bright side the PS4 remains the best-selling hardware for the week. Comparatively, the 3DS sold roughly 38,000 units while the Vita sold 23,000 (via Media Create). The PS3, meanwhile, sold about 13,000 units followed by the Wii U's 8,200. Xbox One has yet to launch in the market, but if the Xbox 360's sales are anything to go by then Microsoft should count on too much support.

The steep drop in PS4 sales have been attributed to supply constraints, but as PlayStation Lifestyle notes, "every game shop I see seems to have PS4s readily available." In all likelihood, Japanese gamers are probably waiting for some new appealing software before buying into the new system.

Yesterday, Sony revealed that PS4 sales have topped 6 million units worldwide. It is currently available in 57 countries worldwide. What do you make of the PS4's drop in sales in week two? 


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