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The Pentakill app simplifies League of Legends counter picking


So you crazy eSport and League of Legends fans out there, Twin Engine Labs have updated their Pentakill iOS app with a truly unique and practical function.  On top of all the wonderful features this app already offered, now it has screen to monitor technology.  What this means, is that you can literally point your iPhone screen / camera at your monitor, it will scan the character portraits, and relay counter information for you to scroll through.  Too good to be true?  I assure you, it’s very real.       

This feature is called “The Analyzer” on the Pentakill app.  The Analyzer has two options, ‘Draft Pick’ and ‘Loading Screen.’  Instead of blindly trusting the press release on this one, I decided to give the app a whirl and get my hands dirty a bit and test it out.  I took phone screen shots to show off my progress. 

In ‘Draft Pick,’ you well, use it, during character selection before the match.  As the enemy team is selected you just hold your phone up to the monitor, it recognizes the character portrait, and then it lists 5 characters that are proper counter picks to it.  Sadly I’m at work, so I didn’t have time for a real draft match; instead I used the app on my own team just to see the functionality in a bot match.  In this case I hovered over Annie Bot.  You can see below, that the app is telling me to counter her with Brand, Morgana, Orianna, Veigar, or Xerath. 

Annie Counters       

The ‘Loading Screen’ option is used after characters have been selected and before the match starts – during the loading screen.  Use your phone to point at any number of the champions on your monitor.  Once the app recognizes the art, it will put the character in a circle at the bottom of your screen.  Once you press ‘done,’ you can flip through all the champs and see what their weaknesses are.  The app suggests ways to beat them and even items that will aid in specifically shutting them down.  Below is the loading screen with all of the enemy team selected.  The second photo is one I took earlier when looking how to counter Xin Zhao using the app (different matches).  Selecting portraits from the first photo will take you to the second one.

Loading Screen

Xin Weakness

After my hands on use of the Pentakill app, I have to say it works pretty effectively – especially the ‘loading screen.’  For those people just getting into ranked play, trying out new champs, or just trying to maximize your League of Legends experience – this app is definitely for you.  While the Pentakill app is free to download, ‘The Analyzer’ is a paid feature.  Luckily for you, it is only $0.99.  Support these hard working folk at Twin Engine Labs and buy it.

Speaking of the developers  there… don’t’ forget to sign up for ‘Revenge of the Devs’ which is going down TOMORROW (August 15th) at 7 PM Central Time.  They’ve been talking a big game and it’s about time someone put them down (again).  Sign up HERE if you haven’t already. 

It will be even more insulting when you use their own app to beat them.  I laugh everytime I hear "red golem."

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