The original Legend of Zelda is terrifying in virtual reality

The Legend of Zelda Classic NESA Screenshot - 1167848

Oculus VR, best known for their Rift head-mounted display, has taken their virtual reality skillset to the classic of classics: The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

“The gameplay and artwork are virtually identical to the original NES classic,” the game’s description reads, “however in this version you see the world through Link’s eyes, in all of its virtual 3D 8-bit glory. Explore the world, find weapons, kill enemies, collect items, discover secrets, buy upgrades, delve into dungeons, defeat bosses, restore the Triforce, and rescue princess Zelda from the evil Ganon.”

It is indeed the whole nine yards of Zelda, and while the game (currently Beta 2.0) is still undergoing heavy optimization, the experience is striking to say the least. The game foregoes the top-down viewpoint, radically overhauling the game and creating an almost survival-esque situation of dodging unseen enemies and consistently being surprised by your surroundings.

[OculusVR via Polygon, image via Polygon]

Austin Wood
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