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The Orange Flower Dragon, Helianthus, ravages Puzzle & Dragons


From now to Sunday July 13th, Helianthus’ dungeon exists within Puzzle & Dragons. Journey forth into the Orange Flower Dungeon in hope of taking on the fearsome Helianthus and having him drop for you. As per usual, the more difficult level of the dungeon you attempt, the higher drop fate this flowery dragon has.

Heeeeeeeeere’s the kicker, this dungeon doesn’t exactly have any RCV. So don’t plan on doing a whole lot of recovering. Plan accordingly and take an adequate team. Along the way, you may even come across some Puchianthus and Light Sprite, Sunrich. These drops are key to leveling up Thor and Sun Wukong. So if you used them, this dungeon better become your home for a bit.

Best of luck!

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