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The OPSO breathes life back into your battery depleted iPhone


Say what you want, but the iPhone does not have the best battery life. Whether I'm swiping away like mad in Infinity Blade, flinging Angry Birds, or racing against time in Tiny Wings, extended playtimes always leave my phone with a very small amount of battery. Not to mention that it happens usually when I need my phone the most, like to answer important emails or take phone calls.

The good people over at seem to have worked out an elegant, and functional solution with the OPSO Slim and OPSO Plus. Basically what these little apples do is provide a charge that can boost your iPhones or other devices battery to a full charge or at least keep it running while you're using it.

It does take some planning ahead, as you first have to charge the OPSO completely using a USB. The charge is indicated by the four lights in the middle. Once they're all lit up, you're ready to go.


The beauty of the OPSO Slim is its design. Sure it looks great, and even resembles Apple's logo, but it's the slim design that comfortably fits in your pocket that make it easy to carry around on long trips, or during power outages. It also comes in three colors as pictured above, allowing you to pick the one that best suits your style.

I've received mine at the best possible time. Not only did we lose power thanks to the Hurricane that went by Florida, but I also traveled to Seattle to attend PAX Prime. For both of these occasions, I was glad that I had a fully charged OPSO since it was the only way to recharge my iPhone.

The OPSO Plus is a slightly bulkier unit that will charge your tablet devices, such as iPads, the Galaxy Note, Google Nexus and Kindle Fire.

If you're the traveling type, the OPSO is an amazing buy. At $49.99 for the Slim and $59.99 for the Plus, it's a great value, given that it can charge your device in a pinch. Of course if you don't find yourself traveling, and always near an outlet, you might not find the best use out of the OPSO.

Verdict: Great Buy! (assuming you're on the go a lot)

A white OPSO Slim was provided to us for review purposes, free of charge

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