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The operator of the Daleks on 'Doctor Who' has been fired for covertly insulting the BBC

A hidden message couldn't keep this DW crew member from being exterminated!


The mechanical operator of the Dalek suits on 'Doctor Who' has been fired for covertly insulting the BBC.

There's already been a great deal of controversy surrounding 'Doctor Who' as of late thanks to the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the thrirteenth Doctor. Recently, some more shake-ups have been uncovered with the production thanks to the man responsible for operating the Dalek suits for the series, Nicholas Pegg.

Not only is Pegg the man behind the classic enemy, but he is also a writer for the official 'Doctor Who' magazine. In a recent article entitled, 'A History of 'Doctor Who' in 100 Objects', under the pen-name, The Watcher, he managed to smuggle in a covert message in the first letter of every sentence. when spelled out, the message reads: "PANINI AND BBC WORLDWIDE ARE C***S".

The insult was uncovered by Twitter user, Dave Elliot, and revealed in the following post:

The Sun reached out to BBC who have confirmed that the matter has been reviewed and Pegg was let go. His motivations have yet to be made clear, but he has spoken about his time in the Dalek contraptions stating the visibility is restricted and is often difficult to spend extended time inside them for shooting. It's likely the outburst was just venting about his position, but unfortunately, the BBC was not amused.

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