The only U.S. NES 'Final Fantasy II' copy surfaces on eBay

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How much would you be willing to play for a game of an extremely popular series that is both over 20 years old and never released in America – except THIS copy?  If your answer wasn’t $50,000, you may be out of luck.  A Nintendo Entertainment System test copy of Final Fantasy II has been surfaced on eBay.  As a huge fan of the original Final Fantasy on NES, I still have never played 2 even on an emulator.    

As awesome as it would be to own that cartridge, it is NOT $50,000 cool.  I’d imagine the person who ends up buying it would be some sort of serious collector.  This Square RPG came out back in 1988 and was only officially released in Japan.  All of these rare features are why I assume the seller “fefea” thinks he / she can get away with that price. 

Over all, this is pretty awesome news.  Final Fantasy II, eBay, history, one of a kind, all sorts of great things.  On top of all that, if you have a spare $50,000 under your mattress, I know something you can buy; you collector you.

[Cnet via eBay]

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