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The only thing holding Sunset Overdrive back from releasing on PC is Microsoft

It was the biggest Xbox One game when the console originally launched...

It's been a year since  both HaloL The Master Chief and Sunset Overdrive were rumored to be heading to the PC via Windows 10. The original rumor came before Gamescom 2015 took place and it was followed up with another rumor in June 2016 saying that the Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive were heading to PC.

Neither game has been announced for PC yet, though, Halo 5's Forge feature has released on PC. Microsoft hasn't spoken up on the rumor, however, the Sunset Overdrive developer Insomniac Games has revealed that they would "love" to release the game on PC, but Microsoft would be the one to make the final decision.

With Insomniac Games saying they'd like to bring Sunset Overdrive to PC, you have to think that the rumor about the game heading to PC was founded in something concrete. If that's the case, then maybe, just maybe, there's hope for The Master Chief Collection heading to PC.

Come on Microsoft, you're already porting a number of games to PC via Windows 10, bring your original flagship Xbox One titles too!

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