The Old Republic: Over 2 Million BETA Testers

Star Wars: The Old Republic  - 872937

That’s right, Star Wars: The Old Republic drew in over 2 million testers throughout its BETA tests according to EA.  Of these 2 million testers, 725,000 were unique players who tested over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

Among EA’s stats, was a little gem that said the average player logged in 12 hours during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.  This averages 4 hours a day and for a total of 9 million hours amongst all the BETA testers. 

Those are some numbers for a BETA.  In case you aren’t on Twitter and getting reminded every two seconds (this is NOT a complaint) SWTOR is officially out the 20th of this month.  Early access can be up to 5 days before.  Get excited.


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