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The next game from Limbo developer is 'at least two years away'

Project 2

Playdead's next project, code-named "Project 2" (which we first heard word of back in mid-June), is a puzzle-platformer/adventure title slated for release in 2014, at the earliest.

“We took a lot of financial risk to release Limbo only when we felt it was ready and we are prepared to do so again,” game director Arnt Jensen told IGN.

The developers are creating the game using the Unity engine, which makes porting easier and allows the devs to release on multiple platforms — PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, and Mac have already been confirmed.

"We always want as many people as possible to play and Unity makes it easy to come out on different platforms,” said Jensen. “With our own technology, we spent a lot of time and money porting Limbo. With Unity this will be easier.”

Limbo sold more than one million copies worldwide, and its success and influence is far from over.

"We always experiment with ideas," said Jensen. "Many ideas were cut [from Limbo], right up until the very end. We're still working with some of the ideas that didn't make it into Limbo."

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