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The Mouth of Sauron gets lippy in Guardians of Middle-earth

Even Sauron needs an ambassador now and then. The Mouth of Sauron is his go to guy. This messenger of Barad-dûr is a Black Númenórean. He is the only person permitted to speak to the Dark Lord of Mordor. With this privilege comes a bit of power. As the newest member of Guardians of Middle-earth, he is available to your gaming pleasure. He plays as a defender that excels in crowd control and life stealing attacks.  

His abilities are as follows:

  • Dark Shout: Medium range attack with damage and fear
  • Will of Sauron: Roots enemy Guardian at medium range while draining the victim’s health
  • Deceitful Ways: Lifesteals and gains temporary invulnerability
  • Stream of Lies: Area attack with silence, slow and ability damage

Check out the video of the newest defender in Guardians of Middle-earth and get him today. He can be bought for $2 or 160 Microsoft Points; he is also part of the Season Pass.

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