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The many modes of Dead Space 3 detailed


Whaaaaat? Game modes in Dead Space 3 you say? Do go on. So at this point we know about Isaac’s descent into madness while searching for those markers to destroy. Then along the way you either play with Carver, or don’t depending on your drop in and out mode. We get that. We’re excited for that. But what about modes for after you complete the game?

Here’s the thing, EA spent a lot of time, effort, and money busting out Dead Space 3 and they want to tell the story how they want to tell it.  You’re going to experience it and you're going to like it. Once you’ve completed that though, many new doors will open giving players the option to play DS3 more of how they want to play it – even in a more classical sense if that suits your poison.

First of all, there will be a “New Game +” mode to start the adventure all over packing all your goods from the first time around. You’ll have all your upgrades and all your arsenal intact exactly where you left it.

“Classic Mode” is for those who miss and are nostalgic for how the original Dead Space played out. This mode won’t have any coop and will return to that same aiming system DS1 had back in the day. On top of that, there will be zero crafting. All weapons and items come from blueprints found.

Then there is “Pure Survival.” Here the game plays more like a survival horror game than ever. Your foes will only drop resources. This means there will be no ammo drops, no health drops, and no weapon part drops. Everything you use will be made via the workbench. Your better scrounge for resources, manage them, and make sure you bring the right stuff to the fight.

Lastly, we got the “Hardcore Mode.” As the names so delicately hints at, this mode is only for the best of the best. With no room for error, in Hardcore Mode you only have one life – that’s it (I was told I couldn’t type YOLO – but it’s YOLO). Those who complete the game in this mode get mad props from me.

With Dead Space 3 being officially a week away, I can’t help but be excited. I know how I play games like this and I’m going to fly though it in only a couple of days as I play it religiously. With co-op and all these other modes now though… I’m going to get a solid amount of playthroughs in. Let the good times, and Necromorphs, roll baby! 


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