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The longer you wait for the iPhone 5, the more weeks you’ll have to wait


At this point in the iPhone’s career, is ANYONE surprised that it is selling this fast the SECOND it went on sale?  Anybody?  Anybody?  You’d be a damn fool to think otherwise.  The 5th of the iPhone generation went on sale today, just a few hours ago, and the shipping date is already 2 weeks.  Wait… didn’t they say it would be available September 21st?  Isn’t that only a week away?  Wait a second.

If you wanted one of these bad boys and haven’t ordered it yet, it looks like you may be camping outside your electronics store of choice to get your hands on one.  I’m curious if the fortnight waiting time will become even longer as the day goes by.  I sure hope so. 

The other option for those who want an iPhone 5 and haven’t preordered it yet, is to JUST BE PATIENT.  Sounds easy enough.  Apple will keep making them because they know people will buy them.  A little supply and demand never hurt anyone. 

People, be civil and always remember a phone isn’t worth your physical heath or jail time.  Just saying.     

[Gizmodo via Apple]

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