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The Long War mod is coming to XCOM 2 as a follow-up

Prepare to settle in, the fight is long...

XCOM 2 is coming off its 2016 debut as one of the year's top 2 Strategy games. As such, PC players have had just under a year to get through its roughly 30-hour campaign, but for the hardcore, you know that isn't enough. One of the things that helped its predecessor, XCOM: Enemy Unknown maintain its longevity was a little mod called Long War. Long War took the foundations of what the main game established, and expanded them into a game about managing an army rather than a select number of Elite troops. 

In a post on the official XCOM 2 Steam News Feed, a representative from Pavonis Interactive (formerly known as Long War Studios), announced that Long War 2 is in development for XCOM 2, much to the excitement of series fans. Unfortunately, details were scarce, but given the fact that the mod is being created by a relatively small team of fans-turned-developers, it would be wise to expect a wait. 

Long War originally came out back in early 2013 before exiting Beta in 2015. Since then, Long War has gone on to become one of the most famous and downloaded mods of all-time, earning praise even from Enemy Unknown's Lead Developer who called the base game a "20 hour tutorial for Long War."

XCOM 2 originally released as a PC exclusive last year on February 5th before coming out with its console ports in the Fall on September 27th.

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