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The Last Story Rated for Australia


As you are probably aware of by now, Australia usually gets the shaft when it comes to video games. A lot of the hottest titles throughout history have failed to launch in the land down under due to issues with their violence and adult themes. One game Australia will be getting, however, is The Last Story.

Wait a second ... But North America hasn't even received word on The Last Story yet! How the heck is Australia getting an awesome game, meanwhile our side of the planet continues to be ignored by Nintendo?

According to Destructoid, The Last Story was recently rated, and it will likely land in Australia somewhere down the road. At the very least, the folks over there will be getting some info on the game's release fairly shortly. Those are some lucky Wii owners, that's for sure.

So will Nintendo of America ever localize The Last Story for our region? Will Reggie Fils-Aime finally let us have the game we so desperately want? Will North American Wiis finally have the honor of playing The Last Story without the need for a hack?

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