The Last of Us to release on PS3 in Spring 2013?

The Last of Us Artwork - 1104135

Sony and Naughty Dog have been pretty cryptic regarding the release of upcoming survival-adventure game, The Last of Us. The highly anticipated title was revealed over a year ago, but we still have no idea when the game will actually hit stores.

It's been assumed that The Last of Us will release sometime in 2013, but a recent tip sent over to IGN has revealed a much smaller release window. A "Reservation Card" from Walmart has narrowed the launch window to Spring 2013; however, it should be noted that an asterisk  next to it states the date is "subject to change."

Sony has responded to the speculation, stating: "We haven't yet announced any release date. Walmart is speculating." You can see the image below.

The Last of Us

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