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The Last of Us spoilers leaked online

The Last of Us

It seems that plot details and ending spoilers for Naughty Dog's The Last of Us have been leaked online. The leak stems from the demo version of the game that was included with God of War: Ascension. Don't worry, none of the spoilers are posted below; this serves only as a warning to those who frequently browse 4Chan, Reddit, and sites of that nature.

Users apparently cracked open the demo's files and were able to extract a list of filenames for all of The Last of Us' cutscenes. The filenames were only intended to be seen by the game's developers and spoil the fate of several characters including The Last of Us' ending. A list of all of the game's weapons and details of the multiplayer mode's boosters were also spotted.

Mass Effect 3 also suffered a similar pre-release leak. Script details and ending spoilers for the third Mass Effect game emerged online following the accidental release of the game's demo on Xbox LIVE months before launch. Code fragments relating to the the story and ending were contained in the demo, resulting in multiple spoilers popping up online.

We still have several weeks to go before The Last of Us' June 14th release, so try to stay off the internet until then.

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