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The Last of Us: Mutated Fungus Creatures Aren't Your Only Threat


The Official UK PlayStation Magazine managed to get their hands on the concept art of Naughty Dog's PS3-exclusive The Last of Us.  Since the official reveal, there has been much speculation about the game, such as enemies, gameplay, characters, location, etc.  Today, it looks like we got one step closer to answering one of those questions.

Since the reveal of The Last of Us at the VGAs, many have written it off as just another zombie-horror survival game.  The trailer showed Ellie and Joel fighting off one of these fungus creatures, but what if there is more threat then just mutated humans? 

The latest concept art reveals you could face other obstacles in your survival, like encountering other survivors.  One particular leaked concept image shows Ellie and Joel hiding behind a counter in a run-down convenient store.  Lurking in around the building is a man holding a blunt weapon and standing outside is a perfectly able-bodied, normal looking human wielding a gun.  No fungus present in either of them.

The Last of Us Concept art

While some sites are claiming this could represent a "sneaky, survival" style gameplay that utilizes the similar Uncharted cover system gameplay, this could also symbolize you won't only be fighting for survival from mutated creatures.

Obviously, in a post-apocalyptic world, not everyone who survives would get along.  After all, when society goes to hell, humans turn towards their "survival of the fittest" mentality.  This means doing anything you need to survive.  This could include attacking other survivors for their supplies and ammo. 

Now, judging from the concept art, it doesn't look like Ellie and Joel are the ones with that "kill others for their supplies" mentality.  Instead, it looks like you might also be threatened from other survivors.

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