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The Last of Us multiplayer screenshots and leaked video

The Last of Us - Multiplayer Listen Mode Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_flamethrower Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_firefly_pins_marauder Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_fireflies Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_execution Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_survivor Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_burning_body Gallery_small_the_last_of_us_multiplayer_bomb_throw

With just 10 days to go, there's still plenty of mystery surrounding The Last of Us' multiplayer component. It's no secret that the story of The Last of Us is the game's big draw, but there's some heavy interest in what multiplayer will consist of -- we are always more interested in what we do not know.

Yesterday, we got our first bit of detail thanks to some leaked details on Pastebin. While the actual multiplayer modes weren't revealed, an interesting feature was Clans, groups of off-screen NPC characters you are tasked with training and keeping alive. We still don't know all of the actual details, but Sony has at least shared with us some new screenshots of The Last of Us' multiplayer.

The screenshots show off some brutal human-on-human combat filled with flamethrowers, bombs, burning corpses, and deadly finishing moves. There also appears to be use of the single players Listen Mode, which reveals the locations of nearby enemies. That's not all that was posted, however. Spanish site HobbyConsolas has posted a three minute video featuring multiplayer gameplay footage.

While we're still waiting for Sony and Naughty Dog to officially lift the lid on multiplayer in The Last of Us, the above screenshots and video do help give us a clearer look as what we should expect when the game releases on June 14th.

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