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The Last Guardian Producer Leaves Sony


We still have no idea whether or not The Last Guardian creator Fumito Ueda is still employed at Sony. We probably won't know for some time, or at least until the game hits store shelves. One thing we do know now, though, is that another Sony employee who was working on The Last Guardian has left the company.

Executive Producer Yoshifusa Hayama recently departed from Sony and has since joined UK-based social game developer Bossa Studios. He now joins the Bossa team as creative director. I think it goes without saying that this is a great acquisition for the developer.

Hayama worked at Sony as a VP beginning in 2007. He has been credited with working on a number of games including LocoRoco 2 and The Eye of Judgment. He also previously worked at Sega, Square Enix, EA, and Sumo Digital.

So we know one employee who was working on The Last Guardian has left Sony. Here's hoping we get details on Fumito Ueda's status in the company sooner rather than later.

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