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The Last Guardian is getting a companion book in 2017

The rich world of The Last Guardian may get more fleshed out.

The Last Guardian is getting a companion book in 2017

The Last Guardian released earlier this month after a VERY long time in development. No one knows why it took so long or what the hell was happening behind closed doors and it's been a question raised quite frequently after the game's release. Well, we may know more very soon.

A book appeared on Amazon today titled "The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story" that appears to be a book on everything related to The Last Guardian. The development, the lore, the plot, and much more are all detailed in this book. Not only will we get a glimpse of what happened during the nearly decade-long development, but we will get some insight on that massive world that is left purposely ambiguous in the game.

The book will contain art from the game and interviews with some of the developers on the game, but it sounds like it'll be a book made for die-hard fans of The Last Guardian and fans of gaming history. The book will set you back $39.99 and is only available in a hardcover format. You can read the official description below.

"A New Breed of Game Book
Fumito Ueda's long-awaited third game tells an unlikely tale of companionship between a small boy and the huge, fantastic beast Trico. Future Press is proud to present a very special companion book that illuminates how the story was created and reveals countless details about the inner workings and inspirations behind The Last Guardian's mysterious world.

The Beauty of an Art Book...
Ueda's distinctive visual flair is on full display as gen DESIGN and JAPAN Studio walk us through the adventure, answering our questions along the way. Beautiful sketches depicting the designers' intent, storyboard and screenshot comparisons of key moments, and never-before-seen illustrations are all carefully presented.

...The Depth you expect from Future Press
We've taken our strategy guide expertise and applied it to The Last Guardian in a manner befitting its many mysteries. For those seeking a deeper understanding of how the game works, our visual walkthrough highlights the game's narrative clues while exploring its most hidden corners.

A Worthy Companion
Striking a balance between visual splendor and technical detail, this book celebrates Ueda's singular vision and the dedicated team that helped bring it to life. The art and interviews contained within promise to reveal unexpected insights and fuel further discussions amongst fans everywhere."

The Last Guardian: An Extraordinary Story releases February 28th, 2017 and you can pre-order it here.

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