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The iPad 3 overheating and charging problems


Are you experiencing a burning sensation in your hands?  If so, your new iPad could be overheating.  Apple's discussion boards are booming with customers experiencing overheating problems.  The iPad becomes physically warm during use, specifically in the lower left-hand corner when holding it in portrait mode.

The following comments were taken directly from Apple's iPad discussion boards:

Received my new iPad today and I love the new screen...but right off I noticed that it gets really-really hot.  I have the original iPad and have used it for hours at a time and it has never, ever got hot.  Is this normal?  I don't like makes the iPad hard to use for a long period.

There's some debate as to what is causing the overheating.  If you browse the forums, users are saying it's everything from not using a leather case, to the screen being too awesome, to the processor being more powerful, to the 4G having to use so much power.  The battery has increased from 25W to 50W, so a bigger battery probably produces more heat.

In some cases, the iPad has gotten so hot that an error screen appeared, stating that the iPad needs to cool down before you can use it.

In addition to overheating problems, users have also been complaining about long and slow charge times.

I have had my shiny new iPad plugged in overnight with its included iPad charger. I have just woken up and it's only at 39%!!!

Other people complained that it only charges 1% in 20 minutes, with a lot of customers stating that it's a genuine issue that needs to be addressed immediately.  One of the theories to the charging issues is:

Seems after some serious testing its very clear apple should have (or should now in the future) release a better charger.  One that speeds up times but also crucially allows it to be heavily used while still getting a decent charge.

Maybe it is the charger.  The iPad continues to get more and more powerful — might be time to make a better charger, Apple.  If you're experiencing any of these problems, I recommend taking it to a Apple store so one of their "Geniuses" can help you out.  Don't let them tell you that the overheating is normal; make them give you a solution.

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