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The Injustice: Gods Among Us final battle pits Batman vs. Superman


Today marks the first day in which fans can vote for who will win in the final Injustice: Gods Among Us bout between Batman vs. Superman. Only one of the iconic figures can be the champion and who wins depends on your vote. Voting will conclude on Wednesday night and we should have the results by Thursday.

I’ve said it before: I believe Batman will win. Ultimately it comes down to Batman beating anyone he can prepare for. He has done so on multiple occasions, even against the mighty Superman. Sure, Batman is only mortal, but Superman has some distinctive weaknesses that Batman has the money to acquire and skill to pull off. I also know that the battle arena is more of a popularity contest than anything; so even though there is a new Superman movie coming out soon, the recent Batman trilogy has put Batman freshly in the hearts of so many.

What do I know though, right? Through a series of interviews with key member of the gaming/comic word, Injustice marketing has put together a compilation video asking said key members who they think would win. Did I mention that Stan Lee is one of them? Well, he is. The first video you’ll see below is the history of Superman and Batman’s relationship with one another. How did something so long lasting go to something so dark? Watch to find out!

Don’t forget to vote!

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