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The Ice Mechdragon Aldebaran & Mystic Crystal Dragon CrystalSkull have been spotted in Puzzle & Dragons


Puzzle & Dragons likes you to have a heavy dose of dragons with your dragons. From today until 8/17, Ice Mechdragon Aldebaran & Mystic Crystal Dragon CrystalSkull will be running repent. Do your best to thaw these bad boys out and capture them for your teams. Keep in mind that these beasts are key ingredients to brand new ultimate fusions. If you’re looking to fuse a god Canopus, Demon Hadar, Folklore, or Kotodama, you’re also going to want to collect these dragons.

But wait, there’s more! These dungeons will also harbor Unicorn, Guardian of Saints, and Aqua Chaser if you need these fellows for skill ups. Best of luck!

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