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The Hobbit Xbox LIVE Avatar collection now available

The Hobbit feature

“The Hobbit juggles too many expectations and can't meet them all,” reads Joe Donato in GameZone’s review of The Hobbit – a review that seems to line up well with nearly every outlet across the board. Despite its swaying critical response, The Hobbit still managed to impress at the box office in terms of tickets sold and thus revenue generated. The movie’s impressive debut doesn’t stop at the theatre, though. Indeed, you can now show off your Hobbit fanfare via your Xbox LIVE Avatar with the official Hobbit collection

The Hobbit

The Hobbit collection contains nine Avatar items that range in price, starting at 80 MSP. The items include several t-shirts, a Gollum prop pet, and much more that’ll certainly satisfy fans of the blockbuster. You can view a walkthrough video of the collection via SneekZoner by clicking here.

To view and purchase items from The Hobbit Avatar Collection via the Xbox Marketplace, click here. Purchased items from the marketplace will be queued for direct download to your Xbox 360. 

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