The Hobbit partners with Denny’s for one breakfast to rule them all

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Middle Earth is in fact invading your local Denny’s.  When you think of just how many Denny’s there are, that’s a whoooooole lot of Middle Earth action.  As a promotion for the first of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, Denny’s will have food items based off characters and themes from the movie.

After all, how can you refuse the Hobbit Slam?  It sounds like the best of both worlds.  If Taco Bell can have fourth meal, Denny’s can have second breakfast.  I can’t believe this is a thing but you know what?  I’m supporting this.  Breakfast needs more Hobbit influence dammit.

This Hobbit / Denny’s hybrid begins November 6th.  In less than a fortnight, you too will be casting the one ring into the fires of… er, I mean eating a Hobbit Slam.  Just watch the commercial below...


Denny's Menu


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