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The Girl and the Robot will be heading to PS4

The Girl and the Robot

I love success stories like these. Especially games like these with awesome concepts. The Girl and the Robot was successfully funded in November, raking in over double the amount they needed for their goal. The concept of the game revolves around playing as a girl and then switching to a robot. The girl portions rely on solving puzzles while the robot gameplay focuses on combat.

The game was originally slated for a PC and Wii U release, but it looks like it caught some attention from Sony, and will be appearing on the PS4 as well.

This is the message Salim Larochelle left on the Kickstarter:

We have some good news for you today. It seems like our game caught the attention of Sony and we managed to get a deal with them. We are happy to announce that GnR will be available on PS4 !!

So to recap, our game will come out on WiiU, PS4 and Steam (PC, Mac, Linux). For those who pledged 25$ and up, we will send you a survey again closer to release date to ask which version you would like.

Thank you everybody for keeping the hype alive and making this possible! ^^

You can check out the early (and I mean early) demo video below

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