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The GameStick is kind of like the OUYA, but even smaller


The OUYA surprised a lot of people. Not because of its innovative technology to bring mobile gaming to the TV, but because it gave birth to an all new console that no one ever expected to exist. Little did we know that the OUYA would spark a whole new mobile-to-TV revolution. 

The GameStick is a new Kickstarter campaign that aims to do pretty much the same thing that the OUYA does, except make it even more portable.

More portable!? If you recall, the OUYA is super tiny. Turns out, the GameStick is literally a stick with an HDMI end sticking out of it, and will come with a controller that also houses the GameStick.

It's certainly a neat design, but one has to wonder, is yet another Android based device for your TV necessary? If the price tag is your deciding factor, the GameStick certainly wins. Since the Kickstarter just launched, you can grab an Early Bird discounted GameStick for $69, however once those are sold out, it will retail for $79.

Head on over to the Kickstarter page and see what the GameStick is all about.

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