The game that took one man 13 years to make is finally done

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Independent developer Adam Butcher has dedicated nearly half of his 27-year life to the creation of Tobias and the Dark Sceptres, a self-described 2D cavalcade of bosses and dungeons.

Butcher realizes that the game’s development time is an elephant in a small room, and addressed its 13-year process in a video offering tips to new developers. In addition to examining the history of independent development, the video discusses the mistakes made throughout Tobias’ decade-and-change. The six problems he cites are the “six As,” summed up as “Aaaaaa,” and include over ambition and feeling boxed in by a preset plan but adhering to it regardless. 

You can bet that after investing all that time, Butcher wants people to play through Tobias’ not-so-little adventure. You can pick the game up for free here, and purchase the soundtrack if its retro synths catch your ear. 

[via GameInformer]

Austin Wood
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