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The future! Mafia developer shows off fantasy RPG with next-gen visuals


People are still wondering when exactly the next generation of video game consoles will arrive. Of course, pondering about the next wave of hardware brings up another series of questions. One such question is, how the heck are graphics going to look come the next generation of video games?

Mafia developer Warhorse Studios seems to be digging deep into that question. At a recent showcase, Warhorse's Daniel Vavra showed off some graphical footage of the studio's upcoming untitled medieval RPG. Suffice it to say that it looks pretty darn nice, though it's not a ridiculously insane graphical leap.

Despite the fact that the video doesn't show direct feed of the game, the digital camera recording still manages to capture a lot of the essence that we can probably expect from this upcoming project. The environments are bold and rich; water looks spectacular; and the greenery throughout is quite impressive.

The current build of what was shown off is running on a modified version of CryEngine 3. It's interesting seeing devs tinker around with impressive tech. According to Vavra, this fantasy RPG is due out sometime between 2014 and 2015.


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