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The full version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming to iOS this week


That’s right, 2K and Firaxis Games not only made a full version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS, but it’s also releasing June 20th. That means you can get this hit strategy game on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. While the graphics have been lowered to fit the needs of the mobile devices, this version of XCOM is in fact the real console and PC version.

Armed with the iCloud function, you can play your saved game on the iOS device of your choice. I’m a huge fan of this cloud service when companies adapt it; a nice little addition. The best part of this release is possibly the price though. At $9.99 this is practically a must by for strategy and XCOM enthusiasts. For casual mobile gamers, this game may come off as really freaking hard though.

Come Thursday, June 6th, it can all be yours.   

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