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The first OUYA unboxing video showcases the tiny, android-based console

Holding the OUYA

That's right ladies and gentlemen! For those that were skeptical about the upcoming Android powered console, hopefully this 'official' unboxing video brought to us by the OUYA creator herself, will quell those fears.

Not much is shown of the actual functionality of the OUYA itself aside from booting up to the OUYA logo at the very end, but at least we do get a glimpse of the console and controllers being held, which at the very least gives us a sense of how small the console is. The console now includes a Micro USB port, which is a new addition.

The console will come with everything you'll need to start developing once these kits arrive at your doorstep (assuming you bought the developer kit). You'll get the console itself with one or two controllers, depending on how many you've ordered, battery packs for the controllers, an HDMI cable, Micro USB cable, power supply and a universal adapter for the power supply.

It's real guys! Now we just have to wait until the consumer OUYA's start shipping out. We're getting one here at GameZone so expect some in depth coverage once that time comes. As of right now, the consumer OUYA consoles are expected to ship sometime in March 2013.

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