The final episode of Dead Space's ‘A Journey Through Terror’ is here

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Luckily for me, I’m pretty deep into Dead Space 3 right now. If I wasn’t though, this last episode of ‘A Journey Through Terror’ would have spoiled the first half of the game for me. With that said, I’m putting a strong spoiler announcement on this video. It’s nothing too major, but it’s often the little things that make a game for me.


Visceral Games must have realized that Necromorphs just aren't getting it done when it comes to killing Isaac Clarke – he’s got to face human Unitologists now. The terrorist zealot organization won’t stop until Isaac is dead. On top of the Unitologists, Isaac is also hiding from EarthGov. The man who has the blueprint for the Markers hidden in his brain is the same man who destroyed two of them. Suddenly everyone in the universe is looking for Mr. Clarke.

Everyone, that is, except for Ellie. Not wanting to waste her life hiding, she leaves Isaac and begins a mission to learn how to stop the Markers. Isaac feels like he’s done enough, Ellie is just getting started though. EarthGov's Captain Robert Norton and Sergeant John Carver use Ellie to convince Isaac to join them to rescue her. This is how Dead Space 3 starts, and is the focus of the newest and last ‘A Journey Through Terror’ video.    

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