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The fantastic Skulls of the Shogun makes its PC debut in July

Skulls of the Shogun

You might recall that in January, we reviewed the awesome Skulls of the Shogun on XBLA, a fast paced strategy game featuring a fallen warrior who rises up to amass an army and claim his rightful title of Shogun! While it was originally an XBLA exclusive, it is making its way to Steam in the Bone-a-fide Edition.

While the game will retain all of the content, single and multiplayer from the XBLA version, it will also include a brand new, four chapter episode that takes place after the original game's ending. It will feature a new protagonist and a new unit type, the Tanuki, who confounds enemies with teleport spells and nonstop taunts.

“After the original game launched, we were delighted by all the positive reviews and player feedback, but realized there were a few features we could add to power-up Skulls and make it even better.” said Jake Kazdal, CEO of 17-BIT. “We’re delighted to bring that definitive version of SKULLS OF THE SHOGUN to Steam, which adds a ton of original content and enhanced multiplayer features. We hope it’s worth the wait.”

Bone-a-Fide Edition is also focusing a lot on multiplayer, allowing real-time multiplayer, hotseat support as well as asynchronous multiplayer for those that like to conduct battles at their own pace. There is also a new progression system in multiplayer which will allow players to gain levels, rank up and unlock various emblems.

You can pre-order the game now for $11.99, which is not only discounted from $14.99, but will also grant you immediate access to the multiplayer beta of the game, as well as the first chapter of the single player mode.

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